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Best Chicago Tours are hard to find, but thankfully we offer them. You don’t  have to take our word for it. When you search for best chicago tours on tripadvisor we are on the first page.  Our guides are experienced and experts when it comes to getting around this historic, fun and yes, toddlin’ town. We will even give you a sneak peek in this post.  That way you can see what makes ours the best chicago tours currently on the market.


We take you past the Lincoln park zoo.  One of the oldest zoos in the country, admission is FREE!  Below is the new and improved Penguin habitat.



Do you like Nutella? Doesn’t everybody?  We have a brand new restaurant in Chicago, the first of it’s kind.  These people awill put it on anything and everything.  Whether you like it in crepes, gelato, melted over fruit or any other of  dozens of other options, you will love your time here.  If you like Nutella, it’s worth trying or at least worth watching the video of.




Oh my gosh, on our best chicago tour you will see this giant deer statue on the new Chicago River walk.  Several restaurants, bars a music club, nature areas and more have taken hold along the south bank of the river.


The Clarence Buckingham Memorial Fountain in Chicago is indeed a site worth seeing.  It is modeled after a smaller but similar fountain at the Palace of Versailles.  More importantly, it is also the fountain in the beginning of Married With Children!   The Buckingham Fountain is one of the most popular and photographed sights in Chicago.  Enjoy it as a stop on our tour.


Belmont Harbor is amazing and has a beautiful skyline view.



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