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Chicago voted best

Chicago is voted the best in the USA, per Condé Nast As I have been trying to say, Chicago is a truly amazing city to visit.  Culture, shopping, sports, the lakefront, fine dining, not so fine dining… the list goes on and on. But now, I have some actual proof.  In their annual survey and […]

See Chicago in the fall

See Chicago in the fall As millions of visitors from around the world know, Chicago is a great city to visit at any time of year.  Ok, maybe not the middle of winter, but even then, there is the Opera, Ballet, Blackhawks and Bulls to keep one entertained.  Autumn in Chicago is a special time […]

Chicago Marathon recap

      The 40th running of the Chicago Marathon is in the books. The winner of the Mens group was Galen Rupp.  He is the first American to win the Chicago Marathon since 2002, when it was won by Khalid Khannouchi.  He completed the endurance run in 2:09.  Previously, Rupp won a Bronze medal […]

Chicago baseball

   Chicago baseball $7.00 tickets and dollar hot dog night this Wednesday! As the current major league baseball season winds down, you still have a chance to take in a few hours of America’s pastime.  Chicago baseball teams run the gamut of good, bad, popular and fan starved.  Four miles north of downtown is Wrigley […]

Chicago weather is getting hot

Chicago weather 2017, seasons swap places They say that if you don’t like the Chicago weather, just wait a few minutes.  That may be a bit of an exaduration, but I personally have seen the mercury fall by 20 degrees here in just a few minutes.  And that has happened more than a few times. […]

It’s a Riot Fest!

  Chicago music Chicago has a well known history in the world of music, which explains why Riot fest exists in Chicago.  Electric blues started here, on Maxwell Street.  Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf and Willie Dixon were the stars of their era.  Their music influenced Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley, who recorded some of their […]

What are the stops on our chicago bus tour?

Bus tours can be made or broken based on the stops that they make.  At See it ALL Chicago Tours, we have worked overtime to come up with the best possible chicago tour stops.   chicago tour stops   One stop that our guests really love is out at Museum Campus.  This is where you […]

The antidote to hop on hop off tours

There is more than one way to see Chicago. On the hop on hop off chicago bus tours, you’ll spend copious amounts of time sitting at stops, sometimes baking in the sun, sometimes wringing out your clothes from rain, sometimes trying to find your toupeé during a wind storm.  Our climate controlled, large windowed mini […]

Chicago Sightseeing Tour Agency

Our Chicago sightseeing tour agency, called See it ALL Chicago Tours, is in the business of giving Chicago sightseeing tours to groups of all sizes. We have plenty of experience designing the best Chicago sightseeing tours, since we are also a tour agency. People enjoy our fun and entertaining Chicago sightseeing tours, which can be […]

Chicago Bus Tours Is My Kind Of Town To Tour

While at the Wrigley building giving  a Chicago bus tour another bus stopped which had a message that resonates with us, so we took video of it. It says “Chicago is my kind of town” and there is no reason why it shouldn’t be your kind of town. We have Lincoln Park, Navy Pier, The […]

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