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While at the Wrigley building giving  a Chicago bus tour another bus stopped which had a message that resonates with us, so we took video of it. It says “Chicago is my kind of town” and there is no reason why it shouldn’t be your kind of town. We have Lincoln Park, Navy Pier, The Bean, and the magnificent mile which is Chicago’s version of New Yorks fifth avenue.


Visiting Chicago isn’t one bit scary on a Chicago bus tour. We take you to all the chicago tour attractions we know people love to see and depending on what type of tour you booked, you may then also go on a Chicago boat tour.  That is part of what makes Chicago my kind of town to give tours in.




You don’t want to miss the amazing sightseeing experience of the buckingham quintessinal fountain, which is a dream to see if you are on our tour to go sightseeing.  The way the water shoots into the air  with the skyscrapers in the background is absolutely phenomenal and a must-see tour experience.



Going to Lincoln Park Zoo and if you like Monkeys you will really like this video that we took while on a Chicago sightseeing tour and Chicago bus tour. You can’t go sightseeing without a bus to take you on the tour.



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