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Chicago sightseeing tours take you to Lincoln park. Lincoln Park is located on 1,600 acres of land over a 5 mile long span and is a popular place people like to go while on a chicago sightseeing tour.  Lincoln Park has been around since the mid 1800’s, so it is full of history and a great place to spend a day on a Chicago sightseeing tour.


People have enjoyed coming to Lincoln park for sightseeing tours and just to hang out for close to 200 years and over the last two centuries Lincoln park has added in the famous Lincoln Park Zoo, Conservatory, outdoor gardens, the Chicago History Museum and the Chicago Nature Museum making this a hot spot for Chicago sightseeing tours and a big part of Chicago’s history.


The Lincoln Park Conservatory has a victorian design and was made by Joseph Lyman Silsbee, a famous architect.  The Lincoln Park conservatory has an exotic design that anyone on a Chicago sightseeing tour would love and has been loved for ages.

What’s great about the Chicago zoo is that it’s open year round and is free to go to! We love the Chicago zoo and we think you would too.


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