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As a a Chicago tour company we go to The Navy Pier, The Bean and many other great Chicago tour locations.


We decided to let you see the sights through the eyes of people who live in Chicago, by curating great pictures that you will love.

Doesn’t that look amazing?  The architecture design of the bean and the navy pier are works of art. The ferris wheel at the navy pier is certainly a great sight, as is The Bean. Making something look as incredible as the bean takes a lot of time and work.

This is fine art photography of The Bean, which is quite magnificent and represent The Bean, quite accurately.


The Old Navy Pier offers all sorts of stuff including at one point in time a Womans Of The World Music Festival. Chicago tours will show you all sorts of sights, that you will love while riding on a Chicago bus tour. We know you will love coming to Chicago and going on a sightseeing tour ensures you won’t miss out on the sights we believe are great.

We will be sharing more images soon, so you can get a sneak peek of the grand sights of Chicago, that you could see if you went on a Chicago sightseeing tour.

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