Chicago weather & Tours In Chicago

Chicago weather is great  any time of year in this wonderful city.  Chicago weather isn’t a problem for our restaurants, museums,  shopping, and sport arenas, because everyone here knows how great our weather is.

Some tours work well in all types of Chicago weather condition, while others do not.  Our Chicago bus tours is conducted in 14 passenger mini buses.  Chicago bus tours are good to go on in any Chicago weather conditions and feature large windows, heating and air conditioning.  We also stop 3 or 4 times per tour, so that you can get out and experience the city.


 Chicago Weather In Fall

Fall has always been considered the best time to visit Chicago.  Are weather is usually   in the mid 60’s and the leaves are changing into brilliant shades of red, orange and yellow.  This week is even better than normal, with high temps set to be in the low to mid 70’s!  In a few weeks, things should be looking a lot like this…

Come and take a tour in chicago, which we believe is the most beautiful big city in the USA, while the trees do their best to make for pictures like the one above.  For maximum fall foliage, plan a day trip to Wisconsin (about 90 minutes north) or Michigan (about an hour and a half east).  Chicago also features thousands of acres of Forest Preserves, just a few miles from downtown.

Also, with warm weather hanging around longer than it used to, you can still take advantage of our amazing Combo tour offer.  After enjoying  downtown Chicago and the north side neighborhoods of Chicago in the mini bus, you can still add on the 75 minute cruise of the Chicago river, which is included in our chicago tour combo offer.  The boat tours will operate until Chicago weather conditions are no longer cooperative.

I shall wrap up today’s blog with a reminder that Cubs baseball is still happening.  The Cubbies will host the Los Angeles Dodgers on at least Tuesday and Wednesday nights.  Thursday as long as they win at least one of the first two.  The Chicago weather, normally a problem this time of year will be nice and sunny all week.