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Well, here we are, Mother’s Day is behind us.  Schools will be letting out soon.  The tulips are about to give up for the year.  We are almost two months into baseball season and now maybe, just maybe, the cold weather will stay away until sometime around Christmas.



One of the many reasons to take a Chicago bus tour with us is the fact that our vehicles are climate controlled.  Folks on the open top vehicles have looked a little worse for the wear so far this year, but out customers have been able to stay warm, while enjoying our unique tour route.  Soon, our powerful air conditioners will take over.  Bottom line, we are always thinking about your comfort and convenience, while providing the best tours that we can.

Baseball, America’s Pastime

While many US cities have one major league baseball team, Chicago has two.  The Cubs and White Sox basically alternate weeks at home and on the road, so there is almost always a game for you to go to.  The Cubs play in world famous Wrigley Field, about 4 miles north of downtown.  The White Sox games are about the same distance to the south.  While locals generally love one team and loathe the other, you don’t have to get caught up in all of that.  Just go out and enjoy a relaxing afternoon or evening.  The home team didn’t win.  What do you care?

Have a great time in Chicago!


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