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Take yourself out to the ballgame. Cubs and White Sox 2023

Whether it’s up to the north side of Chicago to see Wrigley Field and the Chicago Cubs. Or it’s down to 35th and Shields to see the Chicago White Sox, baseball season 2023 is on it’s way. Historic Wrigley Field is plopped right in the middle of the Wrigleyville (Lakeview) neighborhood. Lots of bars and […]

Stretch your tourist dollar at the Medieval Torture Museum!

Chicago is known as a great museum town. A relative newcomer to the scene is the Medieval Torture Museum at 177 N. State Street, right next to the iconic Chicago Theater. “Our exhibit is a unique presentation that combines academic research with the contradictive emotionally repulsive draw of a time in history when torture and […]

Spring has finally sprung! Play Ball!!

Well, here we are, Mother’s Day is behind us.  Schools will be letting out soon.  The tulips are about to give up for the year.  We are almost two months into baseball season and now maybe, just maybe, the cold weather will stay away until sometime around Christmas.     One of the many reasons […]

So, what’s with the strange little castles on the Magnificent Mile?

    One of the top areas to find out-of-towners doing some Chicago sightseeing is The Magnificent Mile.  Magnificence being in the eye of the beholder, it is basically a one mile long outdoor shopping mall.  Sure, it’s a nice area.  Famous stores, wide sidewalks, street musicians, a few interesting restaurants and beautiful flowers make […]

It’s a very windy day in the windy city. But….

      The winds are howling outside of the See it ALL Corporate headquarters today.  Gusts to 60 mph. Lots of people are saying, what do you expect?  It’s called The Windy City for crying out loud. True, that is one of the city’s nicknames.  City of Broad Shoulders, Hog Butcher to the World, […]

Blackhawks, Bulls and Bears, oh my

              It’s that time of year in the USA.  Basketball (both NBA and College), hockey and football are all going full swing. When it comes to the Bulls and Blackhawks, their seasons are not going as well as they would have hoped.  The Bulls have the worst record in the […]

Another fantastic new skyscraper is being built

By Rick Ever since shortly after the Great Chicago Fire burned the city to the ground in 1871, the world’s top architects have set up shop in the windy city.  They could start from scratch in those years and designed a new, modern city, complete with the first skyscrapers ever built.  From the Rookery Building […]

Chicago River Architecture Boat Tour and Bus Combo

  chicago sightseeing tour Our Chicago bus tour and Chicago River Architecture Boat Tour combine to provide the ultimate chicago sightseeing tour. Our Chicago River Architecture tour partner, Shoreline Sightseeing provides the chicago boat tour. It is the number one booked tour in the country, according to TripAdvisor. First, you’ll take our award winning two […]

Best Chicago Tours — the Best way to see Chicago City

Best Chicago Tours are hard to find, but thankfully we offer them. You don’t  have to take our word for it. When you search for best chicago tours on tripadvisor we are on the first page.  Our guides are experienced and experts when it comes to getting around this historic, fun and yes, toddlin’ town. We […]

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